A notification message pop up to show whether the email was sent successfully to the customer after clicking "Save & Notify"



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    If you have the customer column turned on, there are a couple of indicators that you can use to determine if the app can send a notification to the customer.

    1. if the order doesn't have a customer,  an email address, or a phone number, the customer column will be blank. No notifications will be sent for this order.

    2. If an order doesn't have a customer, but there is an email address or phone number associated with the order, you will see them listed. If there is an email address, email notifications can be sent for this order. If you see a phone number, SMS notifications can be sent for this order.

    3. If the order has a customer, you will see the customer's name listed. If the customer doesn't have an email address, you will see a little red warning icon next to the name. 

    Clicking on the customer's name will open a window with the customer details. Here, you can see that there is no email address provided for the customer, so this order will not receive email notifications.

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